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Our services includes Grease Trap Cleaning & Maintenance Service, Sewerage Blockage, Desludging Service, Water Jetting Service & CCTV Drain Inspection

Why Choose Us

24 - Hours Emergency Services

We're Ready 24/7 for any Emergency Services in KL and Selangor area.

  • Sewerage Blockage
  • Sewerage Maintenance
  • CCTV Drain Inspection
  • Grease Tap Cleaning
  • Water Jetting
  • Desludging

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About Us

DRAINPRO SEWER SERVICES has been in the market for more than 20 Years in delivering professional Grease Trap Cleaning & Maintenance Service, Sewerage Blockage, Desludging Service, Water Jetting Service & CCTV.

Grease Trap Cleaning & Maintenance Service 

Grease traps play an important role in helping commercial kitchens and other food and beverage operations to protect sewage systems and the environment. Proper maintenance of these grease traps is important for every such business to ensure smooth drain operation and compliance with regulations.

DRAINPRO SEWER SERVICES provide One Stop Grease Trap Cleaning, Maintenane Service. Contact Us Now!

Sewerage Blockage & Maintenance

From Toilet to Drains, we're able to help in checking if the drain is fully functioning and also remove anything causing problems.

  • Sewerage Blockage
  • Blockage Cleaning Service
  • Sewage Pipe Blockage


DRAINPRO SEWER SERVICES provide the best desludging service with the latest equipment, expertise and manpower for this service to satisfy our clients with the best services.

  • Desludging Services
  • Desludging Septic Tank
  • Desludging Sewage Treatment Plant

Water Jetting

At DRAINPRO SEWER SERVICES, High Pressure Cleaning Services or Water Jetting are the one of the best services offered by us. This process blasts pressurized water through the affected pipe, removing all solids and residues for a thorough, long-lasting clean.

  • Cleaning Drain Pipeline
  • Cleaning Grease Pipeline

CCTV Drain Inspection

CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) pipe inspections are currently the most advanced and effective method for pipeline condition inspection in the world. Compared with traditional pipeline inspection technology, it has high safety and clear and intuitive images, which provides powerful help for scientific decision-making of pipeline repair programs.


“One of the best Grease Trap Cleaning Provider in KL. They're highly efficiency at a lower cost.”


"Quick Service! My restaurant grease trap was blocked and they just drop by and clear the blockage within 1 to 2 hours. Highly Recommended!"